“Just finished knacking, do you also wanna have a taste of it?” – Lady wrotes as she flaunts her body online

As can be seen, Funaya, a woman, is trending due to a Facebook post she published that has drawn a lot of criticism.

In the pictures she linked to the post, her banging figure was dressed in her sezzy attire and looked adorable and lovely.

Funanya, who has a reputation for living the life of a gangster, also asserts that she is a barrister who was admitted to the bar months ago.

She sees her as this drug user who constantly posts selfies of herself smoking marijuana and declares that drugs are her closest friend.

Many people have criticized her action in the post’s comments section, claiming that it was inappropriate for her to flaunt her smoking habit on Facebook.

Some people who still love her, admired her prettiness.

In the caption on the post, she said

Am done with s£x
See photos below

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