Lady becomes 3rd wife 4 years after reportedly divorcing husband for taking second wife

A woman who reportedly divorced her husband for taking a second wife has returned 4 years later to become his third wife.

The tale was shared on Twitter by a Tweep identified as @kawugarba who revealed that the woman had been the one to help the man pay for Law School fees.

Years after finishing his studies and landing his dream job, he decided to install another wife to his home, but this has caused a problem between his wife who asked for a divorce.

@kawugarba said that the woman returned five years later after the man had made another addition, making her the third wife.

The tweet read;

“This woman sold her furniture and paid for her husband to attend the school of law. After he finished and got the job of his dream, he decided to add another wife.

The wife insisted on a divorce, but he refused to let her go. After much pressure from the woman and her family, he later divorced and collected his 3 children.

The children are known with his new wife, in his house while the divorced woman is recently married as a 3rd wife after 4 years of being at home.

| feel staying with her old husband and allowing him to have married the second wife would have been a better option. Now her children would have to be raised by another woman.

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