Lady blows hot, snubs friends who organized surprise birthday party for her (Video)

A lady whose friends organized a surprise birthday party for, shocked everyone after she walked in and acted cold.

She snubbed everyone including guests who cheered her on, thinking she would appreciate their efforts to make her happy.

This didn’t sit well with some netizens who took turns to lambast the lady over her action.

Sammis said: “Now I would have grabbed my gift that I bought could have the day snacks that I picked him for her grab any other thing on the table that you know seems appetizing and fun and get out of there because I took time out of my day just to surprise you for you to act like that. 

“Not happening, not happening. If anyone would have ever surprise me like that I would have been on the floor with tears of Joy smiling ear to ear.”

_azka said, “We don’t know! Maybe she had the worst day.”

Nina wrote: “Damnnnnn. That ain’t cool, idk how people would be like that.”

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