Lady Creates Scene As Husband Tries To Flee With Their Kids After Dumping Her (Video)

A mother who had just been dumped by her husband sat on the bonnet of his car in an effort to stop him from escaping with their kids.

As many attempted to break up the escalating fight, the scene attracted a lot of attention. Her husband, who remained seated in the car, accused her of intentionally putting herself in danger by stepping in front of the moving vehicle.

Internet users praised the woman for standing up for her kids, while others stated unequivocally that the man had no right to take her kids away.

Janezelle said, “So I go carry pikin for 9 months, with all the homeowner eruptions come out my body changing, stretch marks everywhere, then I will not literally go through early to push the baby out in the labour room, then one Olorib*ruku will now say he wants to take my baby away. Heaven and earth will fall down that day before it happens.”

Rummyfav wrote, “You want to run away with my kids and you say I’m creating a scene? Uncle I’ll jump on that bonnet naked and swear for you on top! Do you even know where he’s taking them to? Hell has no fury to be compared to the wrath of a mama bear. Get your kids sis!”

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