Lady testifies God allegedly changed her genotype and that of partner from AS to AA

Lady testifies that God allegedly changed her genotype from AS to AA and He also did same for her partner.

According to lady who goes by the name, Jossy Paul on Facebook, she had AS genotype when God changed it to AA.

She revealed this in response to a post wherein a lady complained that her genotype has brought her so much pain.

Jossy Paul wrote:

“God did it for me, He changed mine from AS to AA, and did the same for him. God is not a respecter of persons, if He can do it for one, He can do it for all. Let’s trust God for u dear”

When queried by another netizen about the possibility of that occuring, she added:

“I have seen Him changed SS to AA. And He changed AS to AA for me. I don’t know how, but He did it. He gave to me as a birthday gift on the 10th of Oct 2014 we couldn’t believe the report, they ran it again and again. My brain is too small to explain the wonders of God.”

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