Main Reason Why Nigeria Celebrity Marriages don’t Work ( Full Details)

It is well known that celebrity unions do not endure. Why? This editorial provides some insight into this phenomena.

After working in this field for nine years, to be exact, I have learned to accept the reality that celebrity marriages do not last.

It’s sort of an unwritten norm in the business. People don’t anticipate a celebrity couple’s marriage to endure. Additionally, when a power couple is involved, the likelihood of having a long and happy marriage is significantly diminished.

Why don’t celebrity unions succeed? Why do they plummet in a matter of seconds? The rumors of AY’s alleged marital problems are resonating around the business as I type this.

We see these pretty picture perfect Instagram pictures and somehow we think that a snapshot depicts a fairy tale love affair. We are wrong most of the time. A picture is a picture and not a pigeon hole

I think celebrity marriages do not work because of ambition and indiscipline. I am not married but from seeing many celebrity marriages crumbling a pattern can be noticed.

Love is all about sacrifice. If you can’t sacrifice your ambitions, dreams and goals for your partner then it’s best you do not get married. Love is about compromise and many celebrities do not want to compromise their careers for anyone even for their partners. And when this happens it is more than likely a career would crumble.

Think of a hot married actor who lands the role of a lifetime and it involves him to be in a steamy hot sex scene with a notorious female actress. Chances are his wife would be pissed about this role, but in reality the role would further boost his career. If the guy values his marriage, he won’t take the role. If he values his career more he would snap up the role. Many celebrities get married without really assessing the value they place on their marriages.

Being ambitious is not a terrible thing, but if it is not controlled, it could lead to the breakdown of the marriage. Additionally, celebrities have egos, and egos are bad for marriages. Most famous people struggle to distinguish between their private and public selves. I suppose it helps to be somewhat modest in a marriage, but some celebrities find it difficult to shed that mantle.

Many celebrities exhibit indiscipline when it comes to behavior. Vows are taken for a reason, but you soon learn that after the wedding, it’s back to the same old sleeping and whoring around routine. Both male and female celebrities should take note of this.

Adultery is huge in the Nigerian entertainment industry. In DJ Khaled’s voice “it’s booming!” No matter how hard you think you are, you eventually get tired of your spouse having sex outside. It’s a messed up situation but it’s the reality out there. This is probably the biggest reason why celebrity marriages don’t last. When a celebrity marriage crashes adultery is most likely the reason.

The limelight is harsh on celebrities, and many of them make the error of letting the attention to be on their marriage when they are hitched. M.I. Abaga, who is in a very secret relationship with a beauty queen, stated during an interview with Pulse TV that love is a real and profound emotion, and that when it is combined with the make-believe world of celebrities, it won’t continue since they are two completely different people.

Celebrity marriages don’t last because they don’t have a long shelf life naturally. The funny thing is that marriages everywhere are failing. There are a lot of people of in sad marriages but not everyone is bold enough to call it quits. Why celebrities get out of marriages so often is that they have the ego to do it. To hell with it.

Celebrity marriages rarely end happily ever after. They have short shelf lives. Rare are the ones that do survive.

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