“Make I Enjoy My Life, Atleast My Wife Don Leave Me” – Singer Paul Okoye Stir Reaction As He Spends Time With His Partner In Dakar [Video]

A singer from Nigeria named Paul Okoye admires Ivy Ifeaoma. After divorcing his wife, Paul Okoye stated to us that he had gone on with his life. Ivy Ifeaoma has been taken places by him, and he has been spotted flaunting her in public. He has been spending quality time with Ivy Ifeaoma ever since he declared her to be his girlfriend, which garners attention on social media.

Paul Okoye and Ivy Ifeaoma are reportedly having a good time and enjoying themselves in Dakar. They posted the video clip online, where it was seen by his followers. They looked wonderful, and their fashion displays helped a couple accomplish their objective.

Their accoutrements significantly influenced how they appeared. They were observed appearing smart but casually dressed. In Dakar, they also performed on the streets and recorded movies of themselves.

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