Man Challenges Bottle Water Seller to Compete with Him in A Race, Gifts Her N10,000 after She Won

A Nigerian man identified as Ositapopcorn approached several people asking them to engage him in a race. He promised to give them cash if they compete with him and win the race. He met a group of girls who didn’t even think much about the offer. They rejected it immediately saying they would never be able to win.

After failed attempts, he finally met a bottle water seller who really needed the money. She obliged the offer and the competition began.

She ran with a smile on her face and won the race in the end; a feat which earned her N10,000 cash prize. After receiving the cash price, she revealed that she used to run very well during her school days and the strength is still there. TikTok users applaud bottle water seller

@fashion_africa said: “How to know those who don’t give up… They keep trying even when it all looks hopeless… Amazing woman.”

@ositadimmaokwuchi stated: “Osile you makes me happy always, may God bless you and the sponsors .”

@samuelsly7 reacted: “Awwwnnn!!! Her smile is so amazing ❤ Thank you bro, i know you deliberately slowed down so dat she can win.”

@joan200111 commented: “You made me cry and smile at the same time and suddenly for 1sec my worries left me. .”

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