Man expresses concern as his cleaner who has two children professes love for him

Young man in his 30s is struck with confusion as his 40+ cleaner who has two children professes her love via a romantic text.

A Twitter user identified as Toba Adeyeye took to the micro-blogging platform to emphasize the shock of such a gesture.

According to Toba, he had been extra nice to the woman particularly because of her struggles of raising two kids alone.

In a lengthy note via Twitter, he wrote;

“My craziest experience in a longtime. Earlier today, I got this text from my house cleaner who happened to be a widow with 2 children and should be in her 40s.

I was and still am confused, I thought I was helping her by;

  1. providing her with the job
  2. Paying her extra
  3. Not complaining when foodstuff, fruits, & drinks go less in the kitchen after cleaning, & in most cases, she asks if she can take it, especially for products that are about to expire.
  4. Solving her minor problems like adding to kids Sch. Fee or extra cash during the festivals

I guess na me fckv up. Being nice can be stupid in most cases. At this point, I agree that I need a wife. at least my next cleaner will know that madam is in the house.”

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