Man loses bank job as interviewer shows him tweet he made since 2020

A young man has narrated how he failed a job interview after the bank showed him the tweet he made in 2020.

In a Twitter post, the man revealed how he applied and went for a job interview in Zenith Bank last week but had his hopes dashed as he was reminded of a tweet he made about the bank years back, apparently in year 2020.

In the year 2020, he had slammed the bank as he labelled it as the most us*less bank in not just Nigeria, but Africa.

In his words:

“Zenith bank is the most us3less bank in Africa”.

Unknown to this applicant, the bank had kept a record of the tweet and it was shown to him when he went for the interview.

Sharing his experience, he said:

“Went for a job interview @Zenith Bank last week, one woman from HR walked in and showed me this my tweet from 2020😭🤦‍♂️”.

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