Man with 3 wives welcomes 60th child, desires to have more wives & children (Photos)

A 50-year-old Pakistani man with three wiveshad just welcomed his 60th child and he’s planning on getting another child.

There is nothing wrong with one being ambitious in life as long as they have the resources to facilitate such dreams.

The man, Sardar Jan Mohammad Khan Khilji, was over the moon as he held his newest addition to his ever-growing family. 

Pakistan-native Sardar harmoniously lives with his three wives and all their children under one roof.

Despite having a trio of companions, the 50-year-old father of 60 is mulling plans for marriage to wed another wife.

Sardar, a doctor by profession says he still wants to add more children to the family and has asked his friends to help him get another wife. 

The dad has also asked the government to give him a free bus to take his wives and children for an outing. See the photos below:

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