Married man drags side chic to court for leaking bedroom pictures, receives N8M for damages 

lawyer has disclosed that a married man dragged his side chic to court for leaking his intimate pictures and won the case.

The lawyer identified on Twitter as @Egi_nupe_ revealed that the side chic had reportedly shared the man’s bedroom photos online, prompting the man to take legal action against her and sought compensation for damages.

She was fined N5 million naira for sleeping with the married man and exposing it.

The lady was also fined an additional 3 million naira an was instructed to write a public statement on social media apologizing to the man’s wife for insulting her.

@Egi_nupe_ tweeted:

“A man sued his side-chick for posting his nuude pictures on social media & in her defense, she said she wanted to expose his adulterous & immoral act. The court awarded damages of 5M against her noting that how you be sleeping with another person’s husband & want to expose him?

Additionally, the Court awarded another 3M damages against her for calling the man’s wife a harlot on social media & make a public statement on social media apologizing to the wife and the man. This is what you get when you don’t know your place.“

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