‘May God Bless You, Man Of The People’ Nigerian Shower Praises At Mc Oluomo As He Gives Indomie Seller 200,000 To Support Her Business And Children (video)

After giving a noodle vendor 200,000 to support her business and pay for her children’s education, the chairman of the Lagos State Park and Garages Management Committee, MC Oluomo, has received praise and prayers from many people.

According to a press release posted on the Lagos State Park and Garages Management Publicity and Media page, Mrs. Lawal entered the office to provide services to the staff before running to MC Oluomo for assistance.

After being moved by her tale, MC Oluomo gave her the sum of 200,000 to help her with her business and the education of her kids.

The statement read:

On the 26th of September at the state secretariat of LAGOS STATES PARKS AND GARAGES [LASPG] , A noodle vendor MRS LAWAL ( iya Alia ) came into the office of Lagos States Parks and garages media and publicity to render her services to the staffs of the department. Out of the blue, she ran into the State Chairman Alhaji Dr. Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, with so much tremoring repeatedly. The Chairman asked her what was wrong in a warm gesture because he saw her countenance, He further asked her about her wellbeing and that of her children. She explained that she makes noodles to earn living to support her children, without the assistance of her husband.
The State Chairman was touched by her story and out of his public-spirit, gave her the sum of Two hundred thousand naira (200,000) to support her business and to make sure all her children return back to their various schools.

Up Lagos state!!! Progress !!!

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