Meet Mr and Mrs ThankGod Ohaeri Who Are Both Blind and Happily Married

Onyinyechi Chioma Ohaeri, a woman who is completely blind, has described the difficulties she endured before marrying Mr. ThankGod Ohaeri, who is also partially blind.

Despite her impairment, Onyinyechi claimed in a video interview with BBC Pidgin that she has a degree and works for the Anambara State Ministry of Education. She also described how her husband’s family rejected his marriage proposal, saying that their son, ThankGod, required a partner who was more medically superior to him (i.e., someone with good vision), so she could compensate for his condition.

But despite all the criticism and opposition, they persisted in their attempts, and according to Onyinye, after praying over it, her mother-in-law embraced them, prayed for them, and blessed their union. Nevertheless, her husband’s uncles and brothers continue to be opposed to their union.

Speaking about her husband and their difficulties as a couple, she revealed that her law school graduate husband is presently looking for work. The blind woman is also giving birth to their second child at the same time as they already have one.

She added that despite having a disability, she is nevertheless able to carry out all of her housework, including cooking, washing, breastfeeding her child, cleaning the house, and performing every other domestic task that falls within the purview of a woman.

Her spouse, who also spoke with BBC Pidgin newsmen, stated that his own blindness is partial because he can walk for any distance and figure out how to get home but he is unable to read anything printed in small letters, such as the Bible.

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