Meet the beautiful lady without Arms But Can Cook, Drive, Eat With Her Feet ( Video)

Kashmiere was born with Bilateral Phocomelia, a rare illness that left her without both arms.

Due to the critical function and significance of our arms, for many people, a condition like Kashmiere’s may make practically everything difficult for them. Kashmiere’s situation was quite different, though, because she didn’t let her illness keep her from leading a full life.

Despite having a medical problem, Kashmierie finished her coursework and received a psychology degree from Texas Women’s University. She mastered the art of writing with her feet, as well as eating, cooking, driving, applying makeup, shopping, and a variety of other tasks, such as brushing her teeth.

She became so accustomed to doing household chores on her feet that it became a way of life. She became incredibly famous for her incredible ability to perform the “impossible” with her feet.

She began by posting YouTube videos of herself performing various tasks with her feet.

She gained so much popularity over time that she currently has tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers.

The tale of Kashmierie ought to encourage us to view our difficulties not as obstacles to success and greatness, but as steppingstones in that direction.

Watch Kashmiere drive with her feet in the video down below.

Culberson is a young lady from Dallas who became super famous on social media for her amazing ability despite her physical challenges.

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