Meet The Tallest man in Kaduna Whose Father Leave For More than 300years (Photos)

A Nigerian man going under the name Jahrex posted images of Ezra, also known as Dogo, on Facebook, claiming to be the tallest man in Kaduna.

According to Jahrex, Ezra inherited traits from his great-grandfather Kwatangwan, a giant who lived for more than 300 years and guarded the inhabitants of Kagoro country.

Kwatangwan, according to Jahrex, excavated his own grave and then posted images of the burial, which was very long.

He wrote on Tuesday, September 27,

“The Tallest Man In Kaduna From The Kagoro Ezra, Took Over The Gene Of His Great Grand Father Who Was A Giant And Also A Great Hunter And Protector Of The Kagoro People” The tallest man in southern Kaduna, Ezra, also known as Dogo, is reported to have inherited his height from his great-grandfather, Kwatangwan.

We discovered that his great-grandfather Kwatangwan was a giant who lived and safeguarded the Kagoro territory for more than 300 years and excavated his own burial.

“It seems his lineage didn’t die off as his great grandson possesses his gene. The picture of the grave you see below is the picture of his great grandfather, Kwatangwan he dugged his grave by himself and he lived for over 300years. His great grandson is very much alive carrying on the legacy.”

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