“Men Can Lie” how i caught my Ex Husband with rubber,But He lie to Me That His friends Gave Him To Keep – Actress Etinosa

When wives witness their husbands lying and making explanations when they cheat, it can be embarrassing for them. When it becomes too much for them to handle, they may decide to file for divorce.

Actress Etinosa has disclosed the incident that led to her divorce from her ex-husband, according to Instablog9ja. She allegedly caught him with rubbers, but he said that his coworkers had given them to him to keep, and she fell for his tale.

The actress went on to say that her ex-husband had been unfaithful throughout their marriage and that she had discovered rubbers all over their home and vehicles. She went on to say that she is at least appreciative that he shielded her from illnesses.

Many claim that the actress Etinosa’s remark demonstrates how a cheating husband would finally come to light. So staying unmarried is more noble for a man than hurting a woman in a marriage.

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