Mo Bimpe Responds To Lady Who Said That She Is Crushing On Her Husband

Adebimpe Oyebade, better known as MO Bimpe, a Nigerian actress, responded to a woman who claimed to have a crush on her husband, Adedimeji Lateef.

M.O. Bimpe started a Q&A session and posted it on her Instagram account. She was asked questions by fans, and she responded to the ones she was able to. The following question came from a fan: “How much do you love your husband, who is my crush?”

The question, ” how much do you love your husband” wasn’t the main concern, but the main concern to Mo Bimpe is the ” who is my crush”. Mo Bimpe then replied, “This is laughable actually. Isn’t it too early to be silly”. Joining ‘how much she loves her husband’ with ‘he is my crush’ probably gives the impression that the fan(anonymous) is into her husband.

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