Moment lady caught and confronted a man who stole an item from the back of a danfo bus, in Lagos (Video)

A Nigerian woman has been hailed as a hero after she nabbed and confronted a man who tried to steal from an unsuspecting passenger on a commercial bus, popularly known as “Danfo,” in Lagos.

In a video from the scene that’s currently making the rounds online, the woman who noticed the suspected thief and his accomplice from behind, stopped the bus, confronted the men, and called the attention of other passengers, who joined her to publicly humiliate them.

From her narration in the clip, it was gathered that the man and his accomplice had joined the bus and were seated at the back of the bus. He then guilefully stole an item from a woman’s bag and tried to pass it on to his accomplice when she noticed them.

She exposed them and showed the onlookers the item they had stolen.

She was heard saying,

“Na my fellow woman thing you dey thief, If you cover your face I go slap you. Wicked people all of us they suffer together. Na una dey spoil Lagos”.

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