Moment woman charged newly-married rapper, MI Abaga to say ‘Amen’ while praying against side chic temptation (Video)

Photos and videos from Nigerian rapper, M.I. Abaga’s traditional wedding ceremony to his partner, Eniola Mafe, have continued to surface online, stirring warm reactions from fans and followers.

The pair tied the knot traditionally in a star-studded ceremony that was held in Lagos on Thursday, September 22.

A video from the reception that is currently making the rounds online captured the moment the host, popularly known as Alaga Iduro in Yoruba, said a hilarious prayer against side chicks and asked the groom, Abaga, to respond with a resounding “Amen.”

She prayed for him to be satisfied with his wife and not be distracted by other women, to which he chuckled, but she prompted him to respond with an Amen.

Everyone in the crowd laughed when the woman added that any other woman’s bossom would be unpleasant to Abaga.

Watch the video below,

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