Mother who sells akara joyfully signs on daughter’s shirt as she graduates from university (Video)

An over joyous mother neatly appends her signature ‘Iya Alakara‘ on her daughter’s shirt as she graduates from the university.

A video making rounds on social media captured the emotional moment a fresh graduate approached her mother for a signature – a tradition common with students on the day of signing off from the academic premises.

To celebrate with her daughter, the mother collected a blue marker and signed her name, Iya Alakara – Beancake seller – on the daughter’s white shirt with a smile on her face.

Watch the video below …

@damilolaayankunbi My mum 🥰 my biggest flex 🥰🙏🎉#makemevirial ♬ Mama Mini – Olatop Ekula
See some reactions from Tiktok users below …

@Kweenliquor said:
“Her writing sef fine pass some bankers or engineers.”

@Amina Hussaini722 reacted:
“I will do this with joy for my kids inshallah.”

@keren happuch said:
“POV: Her writing is better than mine!”

@Diamond Stone reacted:
“Wow her handwriting better pass my own self.”

@Faith Williams said:
“Tears dropped don’t know why.”

@Kagan reacted: “So beautiful to watch!!! Thank you for making her proud!!!”

@Soniah said:
“I love it. A tear dropped.”

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