My Ex-Husband Went To Court Without Me, Beg For My Children To Be Given To Him Because Of My Altitude (Video) –Korra Obidi

Before her attorney contacted her, she said she had no idea. Korra Obidi claimed that she has come to the conclusion that remaining silent on social media is merely an act of subservience and intimidation. She admonished for prayers and assistance.

Singer and dancer Korra Obidi, who was born in Nigeria, said in a facebook video that her ex-husband had secretly applied for full custody of their two children as well as spousal maintenance.

Without her being present in court, Justin Dean, her ex-husband, filed an Ex Parte order to have their children permanently taken away from her, according to information provided by Korra Obidi. She continued by saying that Dean had also asked her to begin paying him child support as soon as he was granted full custody of the child.

When Dean filed for an ex parte hearing, which is a judicial action done with regard to or in the interests of one side exclusively or of an interested outside party, Korra Obidi said the Judge declined Dean’s plea for full custody of the children and she was unaware of it.

“Today has simply been a rollercoaster of emotions. There have been many events in my life that I have kept very quiet about, particularly because my divorce is still pending. Considering all that has been happening with my divorce, something amazing just happened today that has completely changed my outlook.

“I just want to bring up a few things that have happened since I’ve been silent and mute, but keeping quiet isn’t really doing anyone any good. I recently learned through my attorney that a court rejected my ex-request husband’s for my children to be immediately taken away from me. Additionally, he is requesting spousal support.

The longest and most drawn-out divorce she has ever witnessed, laments Korra Obidi, is her own. She urged her followers to remember her in their prayers.

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