“Na By Force You” – Reactions As Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko cries out in pain as she gets her nose pierced in new video

Destiny Etiko, a well-known Nigerian actress, reportedly experienced excruciating pain after having her nose pierced by a body modification specialist.

A recent video that has gone viral online depicts the actress screaming as the artist pierces her nose with a needle while copious amounts of sweat drips down her cheeks.

The self-described “Drama doll” was spotted trembling slightly as she sobbed in agony from the treatment.

As background sounds can be heard, she was also caught committing the surgery to God’s hands.

Destiny shared the footage on her Facebook page with the caption, ‘How I felt during my nose piercing’.

Recently recall that actress, has stir reactions online following some pictures of herself she recently shared, claiming she has a lot of ‘meat’ in her body.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress humorously claimed that she has a lot of ‘meat’ in her body and she is open to sharing some with people.

Destiny Etiko steps out in a light blue crop top alongside a black legging th

She wrote:

I sha get better meat for body
Yes or no ???
Abeg I Dey share am oo…come make I cut small for u

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