Nkechi Blessing Sunday slams ‘hypocrites’ after being called out for giving out adult toys at mother’s memorial

Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has fired back at those calling her out for giving out adult toys at her mother’s one-year memorial.

It was reported earlier that the Nollywood star came under fire, after a video of her sharing the “unique souvenir” to single ladies at the event where she commemorated her mother’s one-year departure from earth went viral.

Some of those who reacted to the report accused her of tarnishing her mother’s image and giving an inappropriate gift.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday reacted to the comments that trailed a video of her giving out adult toys via Instagram.

Some of you have forgotten your parents are still alive – Nkechi Blessing Sunday reacts after being called out for giving out dildos at her mother’s memorial
The actress however turned off the comment section of the Instagram post which served as her response to the controversy.

She claimed the video attracted comments from people that have forgotten that their parents are still alive.

Also alleging that some of those who commented are hypocrites, she disclosed that there wasn’t any controversy when she had a quiet remembrance on September 23rd. Nkechi disclosed that she went to the streets and gave out food and water.

She stressed that those calling her out don’t deserve any explanation for what she does with her life, adding that the day the adult toys were shared was her mother’s posthumous birthday which was why she had a cake and also held a small party.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday slams ‘hypocrites’ being called out for giving out adult toys at mother’s memorial
She wrote;

“SHALOM. I saw comments of people that have forgotten their parents that are still alive and I couldn’t stop laughing..

“My dear go back home and take care of your parents Cus na hypocrites all of una be…#glorialiveson

“My own mother that gave birth to me d*ed on September 22nd 2021…

“23rd 2022 I had a quiet remembrance and prayers.

“Went to the streets and gave out food and water, nobody kuku hear anything…

“25th was my mothers birthday hence the cake and a little party to host few friends..

“Not like you all deserve explanations what I choose to do with my own life…

“Cus when we dey s*ffer/hungry I no see any of una. So make all of una rest”

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