“No Man Is Worth being Faithful Too Wants”- Actress Moet Abebe

Laura Monyazo Abebe, a television host and actress better known by her stage as Moet Abebe, recently said on her Instagram stories that while she had committed numerous embarrassing acts during her life, she would never tell another woman to avoid her guy for the reasons she listed below.

Absolutely no nigga is worth it as he wants to be shared, Moet Abebe warned other women on her Instagram stories. Walahi, if I were to text the “other woman,” I would ask her to keep the man. As labour and jobs are in short supply, she can continue to serve as the gatekeeper of his p*nis. Without a doubt, not on my watch nor by me.

Although some women would disagree with what she stated because they think it is proper to be protective of their partners and that there is no purpose in being in a relationship if they do not mark their territories from other women.

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