Nollywood Actor Femi Adebayo Reveal Reason Why A Group of Bus Conductors Beat Him Mercilessly In Lagos

Recently, Nollywood celebrities appeared for the premiere of the latest musical Nollywood film, Obara’M. The movie’s synopsis reads, “After the passing of her estranged father, aspiring musician Oluchi is forced to face her true self and mistakes from the past.

Through their shared love of music, she reunites with her daughter whom she abandoned when she was a little child. But greed and poor choices from the past keep resurfacing, threatening to topple them from every angle.

The movie is about struggling in Lagos and the crazy things people sometimes go through in order to survive in the ever bustling city. So, on the red carpet, some Nollywood actors and personalities were asked a simple question: “Tell us your moving into Lagos story or your Lagos struggle“. This question brought out a lot of answers and a lot of stories. Here’s what people said.

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