Nollywood Actress Nancy Isime’s Receive Backlash As She Act A Completely n*de scene in ‘Shanty Town’ sets social media abuzz

Nancy Isime, a Nigerian actress, has caused a stir on social media with a nudity scene from her most recent movie, “Shanty Town.”

A lot of people have posted the footage of the incident where Isime is seen in the open on social media, igniting discussions among viewers.

However, the actress has come forward to refute allegations that the clip showed her in her underwear, claiming that what was actually shown was a “body double.”

She posted, “Simmer down, horny lads and girls,” to her Instagram account. Unfortunately, those exquisite body parts belong to my lovely body double, even though I know they excite you. Not as succulent as mine.

The movie follows a group of courtesans who scheme to escape the control of a prominent criminal mastermind, but their plans are complicated by political corruption and familial ties.

Isime portrays the little girl in the major role, and critics have praised her for giving a strong performance.

However, the controversial scene continues to cause more buzz online with some praising its raw and realistic portrayal of life in the grit and hustle mentality of Lagos, while others criticizing it as exploitative and unnecessary.

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