“One Thing People Don’t Know About Me Is I Don’t Brag” Cross-Dresser James Brown Says

James Brown, a well-known Nigerian cross-dresser, said in a recent Instagram post that the best thing he knows how to do is work hard and advance his knowledge. He also revealed that one thing people don’t know about him is that he doesn’t brag. He provided fresh images of himself sitting in response to his statement. When his fans noticed the message, they immediately responded by expressing their opinions on his page.

He put on a nice attire for his new job that suits him well. He arrived with a neat hairstyle that emphasized his looks. His expertly applied makeup stood out since it complemented the tone of his complexion.

He looked cool and relaxed as he took the pictures in a sitting position.

He made a statement in his caption by saying, “One thing people don’t know about me is that I don’t have to brag; the one thing I know how to do best is work and improve myself, then give you the results of my work.” His captions alongside his pictures drew the attention of his fans as they expressed their opinions on them.

Judging by the comments and reactions on his post, it is safe to say that his followers are impressed with his outfit, as they reacted positively to it, while others who were surprised to see him dressed up like a girl reacted differently to it.

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