People always think I’m bigger in size – Pastor Tolu Odukoya cries out

Tolu Odukoya Ijogun, a marketing expert, music pastor, and the eldest child of the late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, has expressed regret over her small stature.

The stunning mother of three recently said on her Instagram page while posting a dancing video of herself that people are frequently taken aback when they first meet her.

“Who is TOLUWANI? …. The first thing people say when they meet me… “omg! I thought you were bigger”… Nope I’m not bigger! I’m 5’2 and after 3 beautiful little humans, I remain a whooping 52kg which I’ve struggled to gain by the way after 10 years of being 45kg … I’m a petite, young lady with a Big God, please believe that…” Tolu Odukoya wrote.

Tolu Odukoya reveals why every couple must indulge in sex
Weeks ago, Pastor Tolu Odukoya via her Twitter platform penned a powerful message about sex in marriage.

Pastor Tolu, the founder of Real Talk Women, also known as Digital Revival, an online platform, stated that a couple sleeping together without sex is dangerous, meaning sex is an integral part of marriage, as she advised couples to have a lot of it.

She further described sex as a currency; if it isn’t spent at home as a couple, it will be spent outside.

To top it all off, she stated that sex is like a wine that ages.

She tweeted:

When in a marriage have loads of sex. A couple not sleeping together is very dangerous. My Father once said “Sex is currency, if you don’t spend it at home you’ll spend it elsewhere” Mr & Mrs spend your currency at home! Truth: sex is like wine it gets better with time

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