“People See Me As Celebrity But I’m Busy Living My Life As A Mere Person” – Nkechi Blessing Says

The name Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a Plus-Size Nollywood actress who gained notoriety a few years ago and has been succeeding ever since, is one that the most of us are pretty familiar with.

She posted new messages about her personality on her Instagram social media page. She writes that while she is busy living her best life as a nobody and I am thoroughly enjoying it, people only see her as a celebrity.

Nkechi Blessing has been venting about a few things lately because her fans have been criticising her of posting too much on social media when they think that as a star, she shouldn’t be. She enjoys leading a routine existence as a nobody, which demonstrates that she doesn’t require approval from others for her personal life.

Everyone Must Focus On My Talent By 2023, I Will Give It What It Take – Nkechi Blessing essing Reveal
Nkechi Blessing Sunday, an actress from Nollywood, has shared her goals for 2023.

Nkechi Blessing, who has drawn controversy ever since she rose to fame, declared on her Instagram page that in 2023, everyone will be forced to pay attention to her talent.

Following a string of drama in which she became involved, which frequently led to people discrediting her as an actor, she received the actress affirmation.

She wrote: 2023 a year where you all must focus on my TALENT by force.

Nkechi Blessing questioned in her post why people frequently disregard her employment and always designate her as controversial.

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