“Please Stop oppressing Us, Make Una live privately” – Netizen Complain Bitterly As Actress Mo Bimpe and Adedimeji Lateef’s Share Sultry Video Online.

Apparently, since the actresses Mo Bimpe and Adedimeji Lateef were married a few weeks ago, their followers have grown weary of seeing back-to-back Public Displays of Love (PDAs) on their Instagram pages. Since the couple wed in December 2021, Pm says, they have been posting affectionate images and videos of their private times together for their fans to view. At first, this always made many of the fans aww and pray for them, but some of them are already weary of it.

Stop oppressing us abeg, go and rest small” one Akeem wrote on Mo Bimpe’s Instagram page hours after she posted a loved up video of herself and her husband, Lateef.

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