“Pray For Us, We Are Expecting Baby Boys” Beautiful Nigerian Twins Get Pregnant The Same Time Spark Reactions

Due to their simultaneous pregnancies and shared gender expectations, a fascinating video of twin pregnant sisters has gone viral on TikTok.

The adorable video was uploaded to TikTok by @naenaetwinsofficial and has received numerous shares in addition to receiving 6.8 million total views.

The twins danced while showing off their incredible baby bumps in the little film.

But different responses have followed the video as many TikTokers have questioned whether they became pregnant for the same man. Others are perplexed as to how they all became pregnant at the same time and are inquiring how it all occurred. However, a lot of people just saw beauty, so they showered them with praise in the comments area.

One has a husband while one has a baby daddy Answering some of the questions, the twins said that one of them will give birth first and that both of them are expecting baby boys.

In a separate video, the twins said while one got pregnant for her husband, the other got pregnant for her baby daddy

Watch the video below:

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