Pregnant mother of 3 in hospital after following pastor’s instruction to embark on 90 days fasting and prayer

A pregnant woman with ulcer has been hospitalized after a pastor instructed her to go on 90days fast for baby despite husband’s disapproval.

The pregnant woman reportedly risked her life and that of her unborn baby because according to her pastor, the baby will be a ‘blessing’.

In a story by nkay-yo on Twitter, she mentioned how the husband disapproved it because according to him, there was no one to stay with her in the church as he has to be with the kids at home.

In Nkay-yo words,

“This woman at the hospital is pregnant and has ulcer but she’s been fasting for almost 90 days now because her pastor said so.

I wish I was making this up. The husband has been complaining that no one is around to stay with her as he has to go be with the kids at home.
He said if it were other church members she’ll leave her family and go stay with them.

Apparently they’ve had 3 kids and the pastor said this 4th is the one that going to bring the “blessing”.

The man has hung his boots long ago and just looking for money to raise his 3 kids. She didn’t even tell him when she got pregnant. The man is just lamenting to us. 😭”

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