Reaction As Sheggz And Bella Had A Smushing Under The Duvet After The Saturday’s Party(video)

Big Brother threw a party for the housemates yesterday and handed everyone of them a beach costume. The party yesterday was a delight, and the roommates looked great in their costumes and showed them off in style.

As soon as the housemates entered the party area, they were happy to see DJ Phatt and joined in on the dancing to the music he was playing. On camera, residents could be seen dancing and drinking to their hearts’ content.

As soon as it came time for them to return home, the other residents were upset because they were having a good time. They complied with Big Brother’s orders to vacate the party room right away. As soon as they entered the house, they started talking about the party.

Sheggz and Bella were discussing about how light the party was as they were both resting on the same bed and were duvet-covered. Bella complained to Sheggz about how short the party was and how she wished Biggie hadn’t ended it so abruptly.

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