Reason Why My Girlfriend Had to Get Rid of Several Pregnancy For Me To Be Successful – Bella Shmurda Reveal

Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda, who is most known for his blockbuster song “Cash App” as well as other songs like “Vision 2020,” “Loose It,” and “Philo,” is now talking more openly about his personal life in a recent interview with Grungecake. Bella Shmurda spoke candidly in the interview about how he got his start in music, interesting facts about him, and the choice to have his and his girlfriend’s pregnancy terminated. Here are Bella Shmurda’s words.

Speaking about how he got into music and the music industry, Bella Shmurda said:

Okay. I started making music when I was growing up in Okokomaiko. That’s where I’m from, that’s where I was bred. Initially, my mum didn’t like it, because she was a teacher and she was not in support of me going out late at night. At a point she just had to let go, since it’s what I actually wanted to do. I had my studio in Okokomaiko where I do my recordings. It was very very stressful, especially the financial part. It’s very crazy when you love something but it involves money to push it. I had to do different types of jobs when I finished my secondary school just to gather money together. I also had studio sessions and a lot of things. Thank God we are here today and I’m part of the artistes that are dropping albums. It’s a good thing for me.

Speaking about three fun facts about himself, Bella Shmurda said:

Okay. I think people know I’m a tailor already. I don’t smoke weed. Yeah for real. I don’t smoke weed anymore like I’m not a weed person. For about three years now, I haven’t smoked weed. My mom is a teacher and to some extent, I’m an introvert. I don’t go outside. I’m not an outsider. I prefer my space and just being myself.

Speaking about his girlfriend’s abortion and making Vision 2020, Bella Shmurda said:

Well, I was in the midst of a lot of things. I used to have this girl, she was my girlfriend. She got pregnant and I was still a young man. I didn’t even have money to feed myself, so we just had to do one or two things – she got rid of it. I was just down at that moment, everything was not going as I wanted and I think that brought the inspiration about vision 2020, you understand. So with Hypertension what are we looking to see, what’s the story like? Yeah, its just Bella in the middle of love and lust, because definitely, everybody gets to love sometimes. And there is lust too, you understand. It’s just me being in the middle of different things and I just had to put this record together and just make it Hypertension. So me making the album was not just vibes, its me in a love circle and being lost. So that is just Hypertension.

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