“Richest artist in Africa?” —Shatta Wale flaunts bundles of cash as he brags about mansion in Miami (video)

Charles Nii Armah Mensah, better known by his stage name Shatta Wale, is a dancehall musician. His lengthy rant in a video sparked reactions on social media.

The controversial musician screamed insults at critics because he was upset that his name was being mentioned in the media incorrectly.

Shatta Wale whined and grumbled that he was sick of people criticizing him when they had not even come close to acquiring the fortune he had.

An incensed Wale continued to boast about his numerous properties and said he had bought a mansion in Miami.

Before criticizing him, his detractors, according to him, had to come close to matching his accomplishments. He then started showing off huge wads of cash.

He first showed off a bundle of dollar notes and later pulled large stacks of cedi notes from a travelling bag.

Some folks noticed the stack of cedi notes were GH₵10 bundles and expressed disappointment as they expected Shatta to show off a larger denomination.

Shatta Wale’s antics and behaviour got social media users talking, with some folks complaining that he bragged too much.

See video below :

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