“She Brought Me a Son That is Not My Own”: Father of Twinzlove Respond after Being Accused of Abandoning His Children and Family

After being criticised by his kids, Twinzlove, the father of well-known twin superstars, has provided his own perspective on the matter.

On social media, his twin daughters accused him of leaving them with their mother soon after they were born.

However, in response to the accusations, the father denied all charges while asserting that his wife had an extramarital affair.

Father of the well-known twin comedians Twinzlove, Pastor Sunday Oladimeji, reacted after his daughters claimed he had abandoned them. Doyin and Moyin, the twins, accused their father of abandoning them with their mother since he didn’t want twins a few days ago.

They also said that although they no longer want him, he wants to return to their lives. In response to the accusations, Sunday denied leaving his newborn children behind in an interview with BBC Yoruba.

He asserted that he was forced to leave after Iya Ibeji, the mother of his twin girls, gave birth to a son by a different man. The father additionally asserted that his wife abandoned them for two months without informing him of her location. As she described the incident to Iya Ibeji, his mother supported her son.

Social Media react as Pastor Sunday debunks abandoning his twins.

Siko Siko said: “Only God knows the truth, but whatever it is he is still their father.”

John Olanike wrote: “When I first listen to iya ibeji interview I doubt her stories, my mind did not believe her cuz looking at her alone u’ll know she is tough. This man doesn’t care for anything from them It’s obvious but God knows the best.”

Fish Kikiowo reacted :”Most of the things he says might be true but when he said ‘mi o na’, I believe he lied. He couldn’t maintain eye contact.”

Oluwaseun Margaret commented: “This doesn’t good for this twinz. They’re upcoming and don’t need all these drama.”

Ayomide Wasiu noted: “The truth is that both parents can never have same story to tell, I am a product of a broken home so I can relate very well. Now it is left to the girls if they want to forgive their father and move on coz all this isn’t necessary anymore.”

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