“She Is Just Scared Of Evictions”- Fans Conclude As Daniella Opens Up To Deji About Her Situation With Khalid & Dotun, Fails To Answer Deji’s Questions

Daniella confided in Deji about her relationship with Dotun and her decision to continue with Khalid after their pool party yesterday. But when Deji questioned Daniella about what she would do if she avoided eviction on Sunday and continued to live with Dotun for a few more weeks, Daniella didn’t respond.

Fans are wondering if Daniella’s recent nervousness and emotional outbursts are related to her anxiousness over the Sunday evictions and seeing Khalid.

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Glory you are right about Daniella’s fear of eviction, she had also mentioned it to BB during her diary session. I think we should free these housemates ship freely without condemnation and not tie them to each other, no one has married anybody. This is why I like Hermes’s stance. This “emotional intelligence” thing is one word that these housemates really abuse!

The fear of eviction is the beginning of wisdom. Daniella thinks she is wise. When they do things in the house, they don’t remember that there is the world, family and friends to face after the show. Now things are dawning on her and she wants to make us believe that she is a strong woman. Let her remain in that house for three more weeks and show us that she has self control. I am surprised that she thinks Khalid has more emotional intelligence than Dotun. Dotun is a gentleman, I just pray he ignores this girl and focus on his game. He is a potential winner.

i personally stayed awake till 3am to listen to daniella and deji because am really concerned about this young girl ,last night I had to watch pool party for the 1st time just to understand what’s going on and honestly it’s so clear now…In simple terms dani knows that whatever she has with khalid will obviously not continue because of how far she has gone with dotun,she agreed with deji that she has not been matching her words with her actions so to say encouraging dotun,she was almost trying to put the blame on dotun and she kept talking about how dotun is coming to her and how she has told him she’s with khalid but thank God for deji who brought out the words from her mouth…and to be sincere dani is smart and she knows what she’s doing, to cut the story short , daniella likes dotun and

she’s just bothered about whatever she has with khalid but above all she admitted that she can’t control her self with him so I understand this girl now…my advice to her is this: she should break up with khalid there because I don’t think khalid will even continue with her sef and move on with her life because she’s suffering too…right now I don’t even want dotun with her because I really like dotun and I don’t want this nonsense for him.i feel if dotun were to see videos of what she and khalid did he won’t even want to have something deep to do with her

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