“She Was Scared”: Emotional Video Shows Son Who Returned from Prison to Surprise His Mother

A beautiful reunion between a son and his mother has got many netizens feeling emotional. According to a short video clip seen on TikTok, the son returned from prison unannounced and his mother could not hold her tears after seeing him.

Sweet reunion In the clip, the son returned with a bag and met the door closed. He had to knock several times before his mother emerged from the house.

She was totally shocked when she opened the door and the person knocking was her son. She quickly hugged him and they held on to each other very passionately for a long time. The reunion video appears to be old because Legit.ng checked further and found it on YouTube where it was shared about a year ago. However, it recently gained massive views on TikTok after it was reposted by @yt_itshakii who attributed it to the YouTube account.

According to the YouTube post: “Young man was arrested in New Jersey with his out of town registered weapon and convicted due to difference in state laws. He now continues to chase his dreams of being in the music industry.”

Watch the video below:

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