‘Show me your Kpekus’, MC Warriboy dares Bobrisky as he storms the Crossdresser’s crib in Lagos —VIDEO

After posting a video of his visit to well-known transgender Bobrisky’s Lagos house, Nigerian comic MC Warriboy received feedback. Even though Bobrisky has made it plain that he is a newborn girl, there has been some misunderstanding regarding his gender.

A few days ago, the transgender displayed his ‘feminine’ figure on Instagram and declared that he doesn’t give a damn what people think of him or his appearance.

However, MC Warriboy confronted Bobrisky about his claim and urged him to stop stifling his “manhood” in the name of cross-dressing because he still thinks Bobrisky is a man.

In reaction, Bobrisky posted on social media to clarify that, contrary to what Warriboy believes, he is a girl.


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