Singer Portable React As Female Show Promoter Said He Can’t Speak English

Habeeb Okikiola Omoolalomi, also known as Portable or Werey Olorin, is a well-known Nigerian Afropop performer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, brand ambassador, and social media influencer. He recently posted a video to his official Instagram page in response to a claim made by a US-based female Nigerian show promoter that Portable isn’t allowed to speak at the Embassy.

According to the female promoter, she spent millions of dollars on a show to carry Portable to the United States, but he didn’t show up. She claimed that Portable was denied USA Visa because he can’t speak English at the Embassy. He spoke the Yoruba language at the Embassy and he was denied a visa

In the video, Portable said, ” You said I can’t speak English and I don’t understand English. Are you winning me? Do you know how many countries I have gone to in just six months? I have been in London, I have been in Dubai, I have been in Kenya, I have been in Germany, I have been in Cyrus, I have been in Cairo. You can’t reap me twice, you want to spoil my grace”

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