“So Ungrateful” – Man Upset After Visiting Woman’s Family To Bless Them With Cash (Video)

Cheffingking, a man, has discussed how he was turned off by a woman’s allegedly unappreciative behavior toward him.

On Tiktok, Cheffingking described how he initially didn’t know her but was persuaded to bless her by a person he knew, which he eventually took into consideration.

But instead of showing him any respect, the woman apparently showed a significant level of ungraciousness.

In his words:

“One of my followers on Facebook, have been disturbing me to visit this family and bless them…

When I came to their house I greeted everybody and introduced myself, but the woman could not spare me 2 minutes to leave what she was doing to listen to what I had to say.

I was already tired of the nonchalant attitude… I now told her to please come and collect the envelope so that I can go… My crew members were already angry and they gave me a signal to collect the envelope and leave!”

He further engaged another girl who appeared to be her daughter to explain the contents of the envelope. Even at the sight of the money, the woman still didn’t regard them.

“At least you go make me feel like you appreciate am, I worked for this money in your hands”, he lamented.

Watch video below:

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