Stop disturbing me, it’s your husbands that chase after us – Proud side chic tells married women

A Nigerian lady who identifies as a proud side chic has issued a public service announcement to the wives of cheating married men.

Speaking in a video circulating online, the lady said married women whose husbands are frolicking around with single ladies, should stay in their homes because side-chics are no longer smiling.

She advised them to avoid any confrontation with their husband’s side chic because if they overstep their boundaries, they would be chased out and the mistress would move into their matrimonial home.

According to her, it’s their husbands that chase after single ladies, not the other way round, so the fight should be between them and their husbands.

Speaking further, the lady said if the wife of any married man she agrees to date confronts her over the affair, she would deal with her ruthlessly.

Watch her speak below,

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