“That Part Sweet Oo, Men Are Scum” – Actress Bidemi Kosoko speaks on Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye’s characters in Anikulapo

The daughter of legendary actor Jide Kosoko, actress Bidemi Kosoko, recently discussed the roles that her coworkers Bimbo Ademoye and Kunle Remi performed in the recently released movie Anikulapo by director Kunle Afolayan.

The protagonist of Anikulapo is Saro, a traveling weaver of clothing who was murdered after having a romance with the Alaafin’s youngest wife, Arolake, played by Bimbo.

He is brought back to life by a fabled bird, who also leaves behind a gourd that has the ability to resurrect the dead.

Following their performances in the film, which many have praised as “difficult” and “well interpreted,” the actors became a hot subject on social media.

While some argued that Saro (Kunle Remi) was the victim of the love story, others, however, opined that Arolake deserved more and was not smart enough because she let herself become a victim instead of using the magical powder she gave to Saro after he “betrayed” her.

Reacting to fan’s opinion about their character, Bimbo recently threw a question at her Instagram followers.

She wrote: “Guys quick one, who is the victim? Saro or Arolake? Because I’m seeing some tweets saying fear women. Fear women, fear women how? So over to you guys, if you feel Arolake is the bad guy please comment ‘fear women’. If you think it’s Saro please comment ‘men are scum.’”

As expected, several celebrities and fans stormed the comment section of the post to share their thoughts. While some supported Arolake, others threw their weight behind Saro.

Bidemi defended Arolake saying, “Saro of course, he is a betrayal. It’s a great lesson to you all, you can’t eat your cake and have it. But Arolake should have just kept the power for herself instead of pouring it away abi who no like power.”

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