“The money is too small” – Man rages as pretty lady he met on live video refuses to visit him after sending her N500k for transport

A gorgeous woman who met a large boy on the Nigerian internet during a live video rejected to go visit him despite spending N500K for transportation.

Because she had promised to see him after accepting his money, the young man confronted the woman in a video that has gone viral online.

The man added in a rage-filled outburst that he had sent N500,000 to the woman in Benin, Edo state, so that she could visit him in Lagos.

After getting the money, she said she wouldn’t come, and he tried to get in touch with her but couldn’t.

She accused him of humiliating her when he eventually managed to get her on his live broadcast and asked her why she had taken his money.

She claimed that N500k was a pitiful amount of money that she considered to be N5, which is one of the reasons she chose not to go meet him.

The woman said that she had traveled to the UK and would issue a refund with interest after a contentious dispute.

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