The Only Reasons Why I Want To Be A Better Man- Actor Rotimi Salami Says As He Shares A Dance Video Of His Children

Popular actor Rotimi Salami posted a sweet dance video of his kids on his own social media account. In the video, his jovial children could be seen showing off their dance skills.

He stated in his article, “My most ardent supporters. My motivation for wanting to improve on yesterday is as follows: “..

This is a beautiful teaching that a parent is giving his kids. In my opinion, Rotimi Salami is one of Nollywood’s finest celebrity fathers.

The actor has always taken to social media to share sweet moments with his children. He spends a lot of time with them (Bliss and Legend Salami). He’ll play with kids in his car at times, and he’ll hang around with them at other times. Salami takes his children to school on a regular basis.

Not all fathers sacrifice time for their children. But the ones that do should be appreciated. Salami has a strong bond with them, and his children easily relate to him.

The handsome actor is an incredible father to his children and a great husband to his wife. These are beautiful traits that are worth emulating by fathers. A father is the head to the family, and it’s his duty to take care of his home and carry his family along.

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