There is dignity in labour!” -Nigerian Woman Who Does POP Ceiling For A Living Buys Herself A Brand New SUV (Photos)

Work has dignity to it! A Nigerian woman who makes her profession installing POP Ceilings, commonly known as plaster of Paris, is said to have purchased a brand-new SUV for herself.

Recall the lady Ebiminor Preye who gained notoriety when pictures of her repairing POP ceiling went viral last year?

She recently purchased a brand-new Lexus Jeep with her own cash that she earned from the POP business, not from a man. True labor rewards off. felicitations to her.

Her Bestie Emeka Ezeagbor shared the beautiful photos of her and the new ride with a touching caption, advising girls not to be sleeping around with men for money..

Emeka Ezeagbor while congratulating Preye wrote:

“CONGRATULATIONS Meet my friend Ebiminor Preye who does #pop for a living and has achieved a lot in life through her skill of pop making and has just bought herself a car to ease her movement.

It’s never too late to have a rethink and do something that could benefit you and people around you.
The bottom line is: Believe in yourself, stay focused. Not jumping from one man’s bed to another or taking 2fraud to survive.

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