“They Are in Love”: Man Storms Daughter’s School, Finally Discovers The Boy ‘Disturbing’ Her, Video Goes Viral

The short video has gone viral and gathered many reactions from TikTokers who find it entirely very hilarious

TikTokers are reacting to the video of a dad who said he saw a little boy who is ‘disturbing’ his little daughter in school.

In an interesting TikTok video posted on Saturday, November 12 by Jubile Briggs, the dad went to pick the girl and he saw the boy waving at her.

The way the young boy waved at the girl has made TikTokers to conclude that he is crushing on the girl.

I warned the boy seriously about, says Jubile Briggs

The girl‘s dad added fire to the insinuation when he said he warned the boy seriously about his daughter.

His words: “I finally met the guy disturbing my daughter today at school. I had to give him strong warning, because, hmmm, I won’t talk.”

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