“This is child abuse; he should be in school” — Reactions trail viral video of young boy speaking in tongues

A viral video of a young boy speaking in tongues stirs mixed reactions as some applaud the spirit of God in him while others deemed it child abuse.

An underage TikTok user identified as Joshua Wealth becomes the talk of the day after making a tear-jerkingworship song.

The worship song titled ‘Jesus is seen’ moved many to tears as seen in the comments but struck many as appalling due to speaking in tongues done by Joshua Wealth.

Many argued that kids around his age in developed countries have their skills directed toward’s the country’s growth and not spirituality.

“He should be in school…. Learning and producing tools that will lead to better Economy…but No Welcome to Nigeria and Africa where we are more spiritual more then those who brought it to us,” a social media user wrote in reaction.

Another user focused on Joshua’s tongue-speaking, “I don’t know why speaking in tongues became a big deal to we Christians this boy should be in school learning. We worship churches in Africa, we have no factories cause all have been turn into churches we have millions of churches in Nigeria and the members have no work.”

Watch the video below …

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