“This Is Funny”: Boy Imitates His Pregnant Mother, Walks Like Her In Video.

A short video that is presently popular on TikTok captures the amusing moment a young boy walks like his mother.

The child was reenacting his pregnant mother’s gait in the video.

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The action displayed by the two-year-old boy is humbling and what really got the attention of netizens was how he perfectly walks like the mum.

Beautiful Lady celebrates her 37th birthday still a virgin

Zukiswa Joyi, a South African woman, recently celebrated Sunshine Zumpe Vundisa, who she claims is still virgin at the age of 37.

33-year-old Zukiswa Joyi became well-known on social media quickly after declaring her intention to remain virgin until marriage.

She added that there are still many people out there who are upholding godly standards.

She wrote:

“I’m proud to share that I’m surrounded by godly woman who uphold godly standards, 37 Years old Virgin, no mahn, we are many out here waiting on God.

“Incase you feeling discouraging and alone, just know that God has Women out here who love and pursue him fiercely, I just had to share this since it’s her birthday and the next birthday might not find her a v. Dot because hubby would have taken it. Happy birthday Sunshine,”

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